Monday, 29 August 2016

What can a quantity surveyor do for your construction projects

Whenever embarking on a construction project, it is always a good idea to get professional help with budgeting and project management. A professional can help you get realistic estimates of cost and timeline for completion of all phases of the construction process. 

A quantity surveyor is a trained professional who can advise you regarding budgets, engineering and timelines. Moreover, the role played by this professional is different during each phase of the construction process. During the planning phase, the quantity surveyor will provide feasibility of all construction stages and designs as well as cost effective strategies for completing the project.
Furthermore, buildings have to adhere to certain construction by laws or codes. For instance, commercial building must not be more than a certain height in a particular area. Commercial buildings must have a certain number of fire exits, etc. Additionally, residential buildings can only have a certain covered area etc. Plus designs must conform to approved standards.

In the construction phase, a quantity surveyor in Brisbane will ensure the project runs smoothly and is completed on time. Conflicts may arise between the various participants of the project, however, the surveyor will ensure they are resolved. Moreover, it is the responsibility of the surveyor to ensure that thing remain within budget as well. After construction, the role of the quantity surveyor changes, it is to ensure that the building operates within budget.

Moreover, the surveyor will monitor adherence to local and national tax laws. Also the surveyor will deal with insurance claims on your behalf, such as repair and replacement. Additionally, the surveyor will also provide help and guidance on comparing costs of similar projects in order to optimize your project and keep processes on track. 

When you select a quantity surveyor it is important to ensure they are licensed and certified by the relevant bodies.