Monday, 5 December 2016

Causes And Remedies For Blocked Drains And Blocked WC In London

Blocked drains in London homes can wreak havoc in people’s lives. At some point in your life you may have experienced a blocked drain. Before we go on to suggesting remedies, you need to know the causes of blocked drains and blocked WC in London. 

Causes of blockages:

A kitchen drain blockage can be the result of grease and fatty items getting washed down the drain via the kitchen sink, resulting in a blocked drain. The thing about grease and fatty substances is that they get stuck to the walls of the drain pipe, these two do not flow into the sewage system. Deposition over a long period causes the drain pipes to slowly become constricted and eventually blocking them.

Causes of a blocked WC in London

A blocked WC may be a result of children flushing toys or anything similar down the toilet for a bit of fun. In addition, flushing sanitary items and baby wipes can also block a WC. Another thing is that if you do not clean the drain pipe outlets located on the outside of your house during the fall season your drains will get blocked. The reason for this is that leaves will fall into the drains and accumulate there. Moreover, you should never throw hair into the sink or drain as hair does not decompose easily and stays in the drain for a long time.


There are chemical and physical remedies for opening blocked drains and WCs  in London. Chemical remedies include using different chemicals such as caustic soda. You basically have to pour the soda into the drain and leave it there for a couple of hours or as directed on the product label. Then you just open the tap or flush the soda once the required time is over. Physical remedies include using a plunger to create a pressure gradient, a few plunges may help move whatever is stuck in the drain.  However, if none of these remedies work it highly advisable to hire a plumber to help unblock your blocked drains and WCs. Get a helping hand for nauseating blocked drains. Expert solution can diminish all the hustle.